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One of Freedomtech’s customers, a worldwide leading VPN organisation needed to overcome their privacy and utilisation concerns, as well as enhance the transparency, security and ownership of their infrastructure. Freedomtech Solutions helped them migrate from a multiple disperse vendor cloud environment to a customer- owned infrastructure, housed in 21 data centres in multiple cities across the world.

After designing the solution, Freedomtech Solutions acquired the power and footprint in multiple data centres. They then preconfigured the hardware, in their lab environment, with the necessary operating system, IP subnets, security and then globally shipped these servers to each data center to be installed into the racks. Within each data centre, Freedomtech Solutions uses multiple 10Gbps ports from Cogent with a total capacity of 40 Gbps per site to provide connectivity for the solution. Freedomtech Solutions also has lower bandwidth management ports at each location, enabling their technical staff to manage the entire system on behalf of their end customer.

The end customer has one invoice – and one number to call for 24/7 support and project management. The rollout of 21 sites was deployed within a record-breaking 3 months, within budget and significantly ahead of schedule.  

Freedomtech Solutions is a London-based system integrator and internet infrastructure provider. It listens to its customers’ digital needs after which it recommends and implements the appropriate solutions, whether in a single data centre, or in multiple facilities worldwide.

When the customer solution requires enhanced internet connectivity, more often than not, Freedomtech Solutions turns to Cogent Communications to supply the bandwidth. Cogent is a global, Tier-1 ISP, offering dedicated internet access and IP Transit solutions in over 208 markets across 47 countries, including in over 1300 carrier- neutral data centres. Cogent’s low price and broad reach make it an ideal connectivity solution for most applications.

“By working collaboratively with Cogent, we were able to provide our customer with a complete and holistic solution to meet their needs and further increasing efficiency by 40% whilst making significant cost savings,” said Colin Woods, CEO and CoFounder of Freedomtech Solutions.

“We are looking forward to continuing to work with Cogent to expand this customer’s infrastructure, as well as on additional implementations for other customers.” 


As a company that continues to expand and serve more and more customers globally, Freedomtech requires access to clean IP addresses ready to lease. To date, the company has successfully secured over 60,000 IP addresses, which has ensured the freedom to deliver high-quality services to its customers worldwide.

The rich availability of subnets at the IPXO Marketplace gives Freedomtech the flexibility to lease exactly what its customers need, which further empowers the company to deliver the highest level of services personalized according to every individual client’s needs.

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