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Freedomtech Solutions is a System Integrator that leads the industry in delivering comprehensive IT solutions and services to our clients. We firmly believe that leveraging new and innovative technologies is crucial for gaining a competitive edge within your industry. 

With our expertise in many areas including networking, infrastructure, and professional services we are well-equipped to address the unique needs of our clients.

Choose Freedomtech Solutions to unlock the full power of your digital journey and witness the remarkable possibilities that lie ahead for your business.

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Case Studies
  • CyberGhost a leading worldwide VPN provider needed to overcome their privacy and utilisation concerns, as well as enhance the transparency, security and ownership of their infrastructure. Freedomtech helped CyberGhost migrate from a multiple disperse vendor cloud environment to a customer owned infrastructure, housed in 21 data centres in multiple cities across the world.

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  • Fossphorus, a worldwide brand strategy consultancy agency specialising in expanding prominent brands across various markets, identified the necessity to carry out a Proof of Concept concerning hardware interoperability and feasibility testing with their locations in North America, the UK, and India.

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  • Snowborn games a top online gaming provider faced the challenge of distributing its software to a global user base. With users immersed in gameplay at all hours, any disruptions were deemed intolerable. Sustaining a low-latency environment was critical to user retention, as providing seamless gaming experiences remained a top priority to prevent player attrition to rival games.

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  • Kore Consulting, a leading Management Consulting firm devoted to helping companies in making informed decisions regarding financial risk models, has established offices in the UK, Middle East, and South Asia.

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  • JPS Medical, a renowned Australian company with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India, is a key player in sourcing highly skilled Consultants and Surgeons worldwide. Due to JPS global expansion, there arose an immediate need to establish infrastructure in their Hong Kong data centre. JPS entrusted Freedomtech with the design, configuration, and implementation of their technology stack.

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  • Captec Investments, a financial company based in London with additional European offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris. Captec's need for a fully redundant and optimised network infrastructure to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, enabling encryption of customer data between their Data Centers in Amsterdam and London. Freedomtech was chosen to implement solutions that addressed these needs.

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  • Freedomtech Supports Leading Online Retailer that specialises in providing e-commerce solutions for connecting brands with a global consumer base. Their objective was to enhance operational efficiency and decrease costs by 20% by engaging a single provider for professional services and smart hands support across all their international sites.

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