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Business Challenge: Kore Consulting, a leading Management Consulting firm devoted to helping companies in making informed decisions regarding financial risk models, has established offices in the UK, Middle East, and South Asia.

Solution: Kore Consulting required multiple 8KW racks across various data centers in UK and Singapore to facilitate the deployment of a global network infrastructure for their big data project aimed at helping clients comprehend financial risk models through Artificial Intelligence.

With a vast network of partnerships spanning over 40 data centres globally, Freedomtech oversaw the acquisition of space and power in multiple data centres. Freedomtech were also responsible for configuring and deploying Kore Consulting's hardware into high-density racks. Leveraging partnerships with global IP transit providers, Freedomtech facilitated the provision of 100Gbps ports in UK and Singapore data centres via multiple upstream carriers. Freedomtech further aided Kore Consulting in implementing BGP across their sites and leased over 100K IP addresses. IP Asset Management (IPAM) services was provided as part of the comprehensive solution.


Business Challenge: Fossphorus, a worldwide brand strategy consultancy specialising in expanding prominent brands across various markets, identified the necessity to carry out a Proof of Concept concerning hardware interoperability and feasibility testing with their locations in North America, the UK, and India.

Solution: Fossphorus engaged with Freedomtech Solutions to utilise their cutting-edge innovation lab for the hardware testing. Within just three weeks, the Proof of Concept was successfully established, and the hardware design and configuration were efficiently executed by Freedomtech's professional services team. Following the positive outcomes of the hardware testing, Freedomtech took charge of deploying over 500 HPE servers, Cisco switches and routers, F5 load balancers, network connectivity and monitoring solutions. The complete infrastructure was under the supervision of a dedicated 24/7 support contact. Additionally, Freedomtech was responsible for managing the migration strategy for relocating hardware between two data centers.

Business Challenge: Freedomtech Supports Leading Online Retailer that specialises in providing e-commerce solutions for connecting brands with a global consumer base.

Solution:The Online Retailer had a presence in multiple locations globally, with critical hardware placed in more than 10 Data Centres spread across Asia, North America, and Europe. Their objective was to enhance operational efficiency and decrease costs by 20% by engaging a single provider for professional services and smart hands support across all their international sites.

The Online Retailer opted for Freedomtech Solutions due to their advanced technical expertise in designing, setting up, and managing a global infrastructure stack. With a focus on managing network infrastructure and hardware in various Data Centres worldwide, Freedomtech Solutions delivered custom Smart Hands solutions to improve service availability and reduce network management expenses. Freedomtech provided an extensive range of Remote Hands services, covering installation, adjustments, and ongoing maintenance needs, ensuring uniform, high-quality services throughout all locations.


Business Challenge: CyberGhost a leading worldwide VPN provider needed to overcome their privacy and utilisation concerns, as well as enhance the transparency, security and ownership of their infrastructure. Freedomtech helped CyberGhost migrate from a multiple disperse vendor cloud environment to a customer owned infrastructure, housed in 21 data centres in multiple cities across the world.

Solution: After designing the solution, Freedomtech Solutions acquired the power and footprint in multiple data centres. Freedomtech  preconfigured the hardware, in Freedomtech lab environment, with the necessary operating system, IP subnets, security and then globally shipped these servers to each data center to be installed into the racks. Within each data centre, Freedomtech Solutions uses multiple 10Gbps ports  with a total capacity of 40 Gbps per site to provide connectivity for the solution. Freedomtech Solutions also has lower bandwidth management ports at each location, enabling Freedomtech technical staff to manage the entire system on behalf of CyberGhost .

CyberGhost  has one invoice  and one number to call for 24/7 support and project management. The rollout of 21 sites was deployed within a record breaking 3 months, within budget and significantly ahead of schedule.  

Business Challenge: Snowborn games a top online gaming provider within the free-to-play sector, faced the challenge of distributing its software to a global user base. With users immersed in gameplay at all hours, any disruptions were deemed intolerable. Sustaining a low-latency environment was critical to user retention, as providing seamless gaming experiences remained a top priority to prevent player attrition to rival games.

Solution: In 2023, the online gaming provider leveraged a range of infrastructure and network solutions offered by Freedomtech professional services.

Freedomtech Solutions played a key role in architectural design, configuration, and building of an optimised network to reduce latency, packet loss, and jitter issues. This included optimising workloads and applications that require reliable, always-on performance, as well as simplifying network complexity through the use of BGP. The network now spans across multiple locations including Amsterdam, London, Santa Clara, Dallas, and New Jersey, with storage management in Atlanta.


JPS Medical, a renowned Australian company with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, and India, is a key player in sourcing highly skilled Consultants and Surgeons worldwide.

Business Challenge: Due to JPS expansion, there arose an immediate need to establish infrastructure in their Hong Kong data centre. JPS entrusted Freedomtech with the design, configuration, and implementation of their technology stack.

Solution: Freedomtech took charge of deploying 200 HP blade servers, including Cisco switches and Firewalls, as integral components of the solution. The entire infrastructure environment was then comprehensively managed 24/7 by Freedomtech's help desk under a dedicated support contract.

Captec Investments, a financial company based in London with additional European offices in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris. Captec sought a partner to ensure secure data center space, internet connectivity, and configuration of hardware, firewalls, and load balancers to enhance business continuity.

Business Challenge: Captec's need for a fully redundant and optimised network infrastructure to meet regulatory and compliance requirements, enabling encryption of customer data between their Data Centers in Amsterdam and London. Freedomtech was chosen to implement solutions that addressed these needs.

Solution: Utilising their expertise in infrastructure deployments, Freedomtech designed, configured, built, and managed a tailored infrastructure stack for Captec, accommodating their regulatory obligations. Hardware was pre-configured and tested in Freedomtech's innovation lab prior to deployment in Amsterdam and London to ensure seamless interoperability. The network solution was then deployed by Freedomtech's smart hands team and customised according to Captec's specifications.


Business Challenge: The depletion of global IPv4 addresses has had a significant impact on companies across various industries. While some opt to buy the necessary resources, many are discovering the numerous benefits of IP leasing. Freedomtech has established itself as a top choice for customers seeking IP leasing solutions.

With its continuous expansion and growing global customer base, Freedomtech offers access to a sizable pool of clean IP addresses available for lease. Presently, Freedomtech has over 200,000 IP addresses at its disposal, ensuring the delivery of premium services to clients worldwide.

Solution: Freedomtech stands out by tailoring leases to meet each customer's exact specifications, enabling Freedomtech to provide personalised services that cater to individual client needs effectively.

A key priority for Freedomtech's customers is swift service delivery. Freedomtech excels in this aspect by providing and activating subnets within minutes, meeting the urgent requirements of its customers.

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