Tech For Good

Our green initiatives

We all know that the technology sector is a massive creator of carbon emissions and demands a lot from our planet’s resource but the growth of Data and how we access it is possibly the most important aspect of our working (and social) lives. Unfortunately, this is only going to grow exponentially - so we should do what we can now to at least help offset some of our carbon emissions.

We have decided that every service our customers procure from us, FreedomTECH Solutions will dedicate a tree and send a personalised certificate to show that you have done your bit to save the planet by choosing a technology partner that wants to make a difference.

The modern corporation runs on data. Data centres house the thousands of servers that power applications, provide information, and automate a range of processes. There has been no let-up in the demand for data centre capacity, and the power consumed as thousands of servers churn away - this is responsible for rising operating costs and steady growth in worldwide greenhouse gases.

Carbon dioxide emissions from the business sector were estimated to be 65.9 Mt in 2018 and accounted for around 18 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions. This was similar to the emissions seen in 2017.

Fortunately, our world is starting to recognise the impact, and we are experiencing it now first hand with freak storms and adverse weather activity. Now is the time for businesses to do their part.

We will plant a tree for you

FreedomTECH Solutions are only too aware of the effect its services have on our planet and we are keen to do our bit to help offset some of the necessary power consumption that keeps businesses going and growing in what we call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We have partnered with The National Forest to help offset some of the energy and power that we create through our customers service subscriptions or technology deployments. We will dedicate a new tree for every new service delivered, with every sapling we purchase is helping to create woodland habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come.

Personal Certificate of assurance

Each dedication comes with a personalised certificate for you to print and the guarantee that we will plant your sapling. Hopefully, the more trees we can dedicate the more impact we will have against the emissions of carbon we produce through our use of technology.

We cannot promise to save the world in one go, but every little thing we do will help our planet survive a little longer…