Forbes predicts technology trends for 2019

20th Dec 2019

Here at FreedomNews, we know that technology is an ever-evolving field. There are many technologies that bubble away for a long time before breaking into the mainstream. Some never do, but every year there are breakout technologies that change the ways we live and work.

Here are some of the breakout technologies predicted by members of the Forbes Technology Council, which the respected business magazine describes as a group of “elite CIOs, CTOs and technology executives”.

This is a technology already starting to make waves, but Nacho De Marco of BairesDev believes that it will really break out in 2019, transforming the way that we handle finance, real estate, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the supply chains of most industries. Danny Allan of Veeam Software added that blockchain-as-a-service platforms would see the technology’s first practical implementation beyond cryptocurrency.

AI-led automation
According to Amit Jnagal of Infrrd, the breakout technology of 2019 is set to be artificial intelligence (AI)-led automation. ‘It’s expected that data mining and management, business processes, information technology (IT) services, customer support, and many other sectors will witness automation via neural networks and machine-learning-based solutions,’ he told Forbes.

Machine learning
Vinay Pai of points out that AI and machine learning (ML) can be traced back several decades but previously lacked the hardware speeds required. Now, he says, ML libraries and the computing power of the cloud are enabling marketers to use AI and ML to increase revenue, while support reps are able to provide better answers and service professionals are able to deliver better insight.

Mainstreamed IoT
The IoT is another technology that has been emerging for a while, but Frank Cittadino of QOS Networks predicts that it will go more mainstream in 2019. He said: ‘While IoT is not a new concept, it will move from pre-adoption to a mainstream solution that retail, manufacturing, health care and other industries will integrate as an everyday business operation.’

5G is certainly on the way, and Andy Dalton of IVM, Inc. believes that mobile connectivity via 5G will provide serious competition to Wi-Fi in the coming year. This will be set against a backdrop of connected devices and IoT. ‘But the real question will be who can bring 5G to market quickly, painlessly and affordably for both consumers and industry alike,’ he added.


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