Managed Back Up Services

Simple, quick and cost-effective Data Backup and Restore

Backing up data is a permanent challenge. As business data grows exponentially, backing it all up is complicated, time consuming and costly - with failure to do so will expose organisations to substantial business and compliance risks. 

FreedomTECH provides a highly secure, simple to set up remote backup service that is using a best in-class technology - so that you can safeguard your mission critical data against digital threats, damage or loss.  We deliver secure cloud based backup and restoration solutions that you can truly trust.

Key features: 

• Block-Level Incremental - Forever 

• Encryption FIPS 140-2 & Key Management 

• De-duplication 

• Compression 

• Continuous Data Protection 

• Validation Restore 

• Retention 

• Local Storage 

• LAN Storage & Resource Discovery • Reporting 

• Snapshot Support 

• Replication 

• Extensible Storage 

• Backup Lifecycle Management & Compliant 

• Billing Tier Storage 

• UK Based Data Centres