FreedomTECH launches suite of IaaS and Data Centre services

FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd, a leading UK IT services solutions and consultancy firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Colocation platform. Developed after significant investment and including extensive market analysis and vendor evaluations, the platform leverages industry standard architecture. 

The services delivered include; Private Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup & Restore and Data Centre services such as Colocation. The service is complimented by FreedomTECH’s Innovation Centre, a vendor-agnostic dedicated lab environment to test proof of concept’s for a number of emerging technology use cases.

Indy Kambo, Co-founder said, “Our customers are looking for ways to deliver services to their customers and employees in a faster, smarter, and more efficient way. The platform gives our customers peace of mind, being built with a highly available fault tolerant architecture, while residing in our highly available and connected enterprise class data centres.” 

The solution is an ideal fit for companies who have growing compute, data storage and protection requirements, significant compliance requirements, and often times aging hardware. FreedomTECH Solutions offers a consultative approach to the design and implementation of the solution that best fits the customer’s business needs. 

After recently migrating to the new platform, Matthew Woods - Managing Director, Captec Wealth Group said, “We approached FreedomTECH Solutions about refreshing our aging IaaS environment and to look at ways to improve costs and stability with our IT infrastructure. They spared no expense, bringing in a highly skilled set of engineers to plan the migration and design then build out an environment we can grow with for years to come. Their support, dedication and quality of work is exceptional and we consider them a trusted partner.” 

Gartner estimates that the global IaaS services market will grow over 30% in 2018 and 25-30% in 2019.

‘’FreedomTECH are seeing a number of businesses coming back from the Open Public Cloud and opting for a blend of Private Cloud and Data Centre services in a hybrid configuration’’, Indy continues, ‘’We at FreedomTECH exist purely to help businesses gain better business outcomes by exploring new technologies, sometimes alongside their existing infrastructure. Offering this suite of services helps FreedomTECH to deliver a higher level of service what ever the project’’.

About FreedomTECH Solutions

FreedomTECH’s key objective is to help organisations achieve better business outcomes by utilising emerging and innovative technology solutions. Our core focus encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data technologies and these practices coupled with the supply and delivery of IT Infrastructure (Cisco, HPE, DELL, IBM & Pure Storage) and Data Centre & Cloud services help C-Level executives understand and explore how to overcome business challenges through technology.

FreedomTECH Solutions is headquartered in Central London, UK with a global reach of engineering and technology resource.

More info: 

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