Protect your organisation against cyber attack

Every organisation is a potential victim.

In cyber security terms, we understand that risk is the potential for a threat (a person or thing that is likely to cause damage) to exploit a vulnerability (a flaw, feature or user error) that may result in some form of negative impact for your business.

Before investing in defences, we see many organisations often want concrete evidence that they not will be targeted by specific threats. Unfortunately, in cyberspace it is often difficult to provide an accurate assessment of the threats that specific organisations will encounter. However, we are aware that every organisation is a potential victim. 

All organisations have something of value that is worth something to others. If you openly demonstrate weaknesses in your approach to cyber security by failing to do the basics, you WILL experience some form of cyber attack. 

As part of your risk management processes, you should be assessing whether you are likely to be the victim of a targeted or un-targeted attack; every organisation connected to the Internet should assume they will be a victim of the latter. Either way, you should implement basic security controls consistently across your organisation, and where you may be specifically targeted, ensure you have a more in-depth & holistic approach to cyber security.

FreedomTECH are working hard to help businesses better understand their vulnerabilities and how best to mitigate these threats, not just from outside infiltrators but from within the network itself - whether that be accidentally injected viruses via USB or email, or targeted attacks from malicious staff.

FreedomTECH, in line with The National Cyber Security Centre (part of GCHQ) recommendation, suggest the following Five steps to help secure your business from Cyber threats:

• Secure your Internet connection 

• Secure your devices and software 

• Control access to your data and services 

• Protect from viruses and other malware 

• Keep your devices and software up to date

Although no business can ever fully protect itself from vulnerabilities and threats, we see that there are many ways to take steps in fighting the ever changing barrage of cyber attacks. In order to assist your business in the fight for security, compliance and protection, FreedomTECH have put together a suite of off the shelf and bespoke security services developed inhouse and through partners which creates an envelope of layers making it harder for perpetrators to gain access to your network, assets and data.

Intelligent Networks and Firewalls – Next Generation Firewalls which include Application Visibility and Control, NGIPS, Advanced Malware Protection, URL filtering, Intrusion detection and DDoS mitigation 

Network visibility – Use machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats across diverse environments, including cloud, virtualised networks and IoT. This technology is selflearning in identifying threats in real time.

Secure your Data – FreedomTECH’s Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform allows data to be transferred in a controlled, secure fashion, both inside and outside your organisation, between systems and / or users. Files are transferred more quickly and securely, enhancing productivity and providing visibility of transfers. Our service extends into email security using encryption and end to end scanning & validation.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – Deploy a managed detection and response service that combines security information and event management (SIEM) technology with dedicated security experts that offer 24/7 network monitoring and investigation of your organisation’s network traffic. Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) analysts and engineers are highly adept at identifying security threats to save your in-house teams the time-consuming and complex task of investigating real-time and historical network events to identify genuine threats from false positives.

By deploying many of these key components in line with your existing security measures, coupled with a highly considered hosting environment (cloud, dedicated or colocation), this can significantly increase your protection from the most common types of cyber crime helping you to protect your organisation's data, assets, brand and reputation.

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Every organisation in the UK faces the difficult challenge of mitigating against the ever-increasing risks associated with cyber crime. Cyber attacks use advanced technology to exploit the vulnerabilities in your IT system to steal confidential information and disrupt your essential operational activity.

Effective cyber security requires a holistic, integrated approach that involves the identification, detection and removal of cyber threats. It requires the continual update of preventive measures (controls) and regular testing to ensure that these measures are working correctly.

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