January 18th 2019

FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd enters into partnership with Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, to accelerate adoption of its disruptive AI technology for cyber defence across its customer base. 

FreedomTECH are great believers in the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and understand the huge opportunities it will bring to organisations. We are convinced that the use cases and growth of AI will be a steady evolution, and that the machine learning systems we use today will evolve over time to help humans and machines collaborate in a more intelligent way.

Business data now exists both deep within and far beyond the traditional network perimeter. While firewalls and intrusion prevention systems continue to play an important role in network security, organisations cannot depend on them to protect sensitive information that exists inside and outside the traditional network perimeter. 

The risks of cloud computing, mobile devices and internal access policies around USB sticks and external emails & attachments are that these technologies spread data across a much broader area and increase the challenge of protecting access to an organisation’s information. 

‘’Darktrace have created an easy to use, fully visual and extremely effective non-intrusive monitoring tool that we believe no organisation should be without, and we are delighted to be a strategic partner delivering this service to our clients’’  said Indy Kambo, Co-Founder of FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd.

About FreedomTECH Solutions

FreedomTECH’s key objective is to help organisations achieve better business outcomes by utilising emerging and innovative technology solutions. Our core focus encompasses Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data technologies and these practices coupled with the supply and delivery of IT Infrastructure (Cisco, HPE, DELL, IBM & Pure Storage) and Data Centre & Cloud services help C-Level executives understand and explore how to overcome business challenges through technology.

FreedomTECH Solutions is headquartered in Central London, UK with a global reach of engineering and technology resource.

About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense. With over 7,000 deployments worldwide, the Enterprise Immune System is relied on to detect and fight back against cyber-attacks in real time. The self-learning AI protects the cloud, SaaS, corporate networks, IoT and industrial systems against the full range of cyber-threats and vulnerabilities, from insider threats and ransomware, to stealthy and silent attacks.

Darktrace has 800 employees and 40 offices worldwide. It is headquartered in San Francisco, and Cambridge, UK.