Cryptocurrency Mining: Be a part of the revolution

 “Blockchain is the tech. Bitcoin is merely the first mainstream manifestation of its potential.” 

 - Marc Kenigsberg 

We believe that our world is going through an ever-evolving Digital Revolution, much like the Industrial Revolution our Digital Revolution is opening new channels and providing more secure and faster ways for business, individuals and organisations to increase their market value, drive return on investment and to further deliver better business outcomes.

FreedomTECH understand the Crypto-Mining community and welcome the benefits of joining such a movement. We would love to talk with you about how you could benefit from this revolution...




FreedomTECH have partnered with key strategic data centres across the globe that are specifically designed with Cryptocurrency deployments in mind. 

Please speak to us about housing your own mining infrastructure in a secure, connected crypto data centre.

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Managed Mining


FreedomTECH through its mining partner ecosystem will provide a fully managed mining platform. Let us design, build and manage your investment so you can sit back and watch the coins grow

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Tech for Good


A new way to engage with charity supporters, raise funds and help those in need. Fundraising is every charity’s greatest challenge. FreedomTECH provides an innovative, convenient way for charity supporters to give by donating spare computing power.

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FreedomTECH - Tech for Good DataSheet (pdf)



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