FreedomTECH Solutions achieves Cisco Select Partner Status

5th Feb 2019

FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd has proven they have the ability to provide sophisticated, value-added Cisco solutions through their in-depth sales capabilities, technology skills and service offerings. FreedomTECH has achieved all requirements for achieving Cisco Select Certified Partner, including personnel, support and specialisation. FreedomTECH Solutions is certified by Cisco that it is qualified to sell, install and support Cisco solutions in the UK.

"Nearly all of our clients trust Cisco for their critical infrastructure, network and security so we needed to best position ourselves to serve our client base," said Colin Woods, Co-founder FreedomTECH Solutions. "We anticipate that Cisco will be a major part of our business in 2019 and moving forwards."

FreedomTECH Solutions achieves the Cisco accreditation by certifying engineers and sales individuals on Cisco’s portfolio and technology solutions. FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd now has the most up-to-date knowledge of the Cisco portfolio coupled with their extensive experience of designing and managing enterprise-level technology deployments to help clients address business challenges.

ABOUT FreedomTECH Solutions Ltd: ( FreedomTECH Solutions has a portfolio of IT services and solutions to help small, medium and large enterprise businesses to streamline their operations, collaborate more effectively, provide enhanced security and to eliminate excessive and unnecessary IT spending.


FreedomTECH Solutions is headquartered in Central London, UK with a global reach of engineering and technology resource.