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Freedomtech Solutions is a leading System Integrator, with the capacity to deliver global solutions and services to our clients.

We believe that new innovative technologies can help deliver a competitive edge within your industry. As technology continuously advances, our clients can rely on us to guide them through a successful digital transformation.

We are experienced in areas like data centre, internet technologies, infrastructure and application development.

Unlock the power of your digital journey with Freedomtech Solutions.

Welcome to the world of Freedomtech Solutions

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IP Transit Across The World



IP Addresses


Application Development


    Freedomtech solutions have infrastructure in over 30 Data Centre across the globe, across UK, Europe, USA and AsiaPAC. We work with our customers' needs to find the best Data Centre...

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    Hardware Procurement

    Simplify the process of IT hardware procurement with Freedomtech Solutions. We understand that sourcing new equipment and software can be a time-consuming and arduous process...

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    Freedomtech Solutions facilitates transfer of incredibly large data volumes across the world. Freedomtech Solutions works with clients with a large bandwidth appetite and requirements...

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    Global Networking Solutions

    Learn how our global networking solutions can deliver positive business outcomes for your organisation....

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    When you lease IP addresses for your business, the main benefit you receive is the chance to enjoy some of the benefits of a private address, without having to pay a hefty sum, or to enter into a comparable financial commitment...

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    IP Asset Management

    The consumer sector is anticipated to dominate in terms of number of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in 2030, with 15.9 billion connected devices worldwide...

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  • Innovation Lab

    Proof-of-Concept (PoC) environments enable businesses to evaluate, trial and test new technologies to determine if it will positively affect your business deliverables...

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    Professional Services

    Our consultants, engineers and technicians begin with the needs, desired business outcomes and long-term strategy of your business, as well as any pain points you might have experienced...

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    Technical Resourcing

    Freedomtech Solutions have the ability to deliver technical resourcing projects on a global scale, specialising in engineering, software development...

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  • Application Development

    Freedomtech Solutions has been at the forefront of web and mobile application development from the outset. Having a team of expert application developers...

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    Website Design & Development

    Using robust coding, intuitive navigation, and striking design, we strive to deliver custom-built websites that create an uninterrupted user experience...

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    E-commerce Website

    From ambitious startups to international brands to retail chains, we build scalable eCommerce platforms with a faster buying process and price comparison...

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